In this film, William (Kyle Brookes) is a church organist whose wife has recently run away. He also has a TV show about finding Christ on a public access channel - a project that he started with his now absent wife. A chance encounter at the local corner store brings him in contact with Tina (Sophia Leanne Kelly), who is yelling and screaming because the clerk won't give her credit for milk for her baby... and cigarettes. William steps up and pays for her order. Six quid. Oh, by the way, "A Light Through Coloured Glass" is set in England.

Back to it. Tina is younger than William and kind of looks like a Spice Girl - Sporty Spice, to be precise. If you're unsure of what a Spice Girl is, no worries. It's not a bad thing. Tina insists that she pays back the money and drags William back to her flat, and of course, there is no baby, so that pisses off William. Clearly, they come from totally different worlds, and eventually, Tina tells him to get the F&_# Out! Tina shows up at the church where William works, and slowly they start to build a very odd friendship. It becomes apparent that Tina runs with a bit of a wilder crowd than William. Shady people everywhere, including a drug dealer who demands payment.

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After a while, William invites Tina to move in with him to try to turn her life around - she's been dealt a rough hand her whole life - her parents were addicts as well. It wasn't always this way; she even once had dreams of musical theater and playing guitar. Even though William may be more together, his life isn't perfect. "A Light Through Coloured Glass" is a great odd couple story.

Apparently, this film was made with, and I quote, "Zero monies and filmed during the pandemic." Now, this really excites me because this is a fantastic-looking film - actually, fantastic in all regards. All the actors are fantastic, and there is quite a cast of bit players and extras. The story is wonderful, and the editing and sound are near perfect. Mike Clark is an incredible writer and director. If this is the kind of film he makes with no money, my dear lord, can you imagine having a budget to work with? I have a feeling that we'll be hearing from Mike Clark in the future. I say Bravo to this great piece of work! Solid 4.5 stars! Thank you for reading.
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